Case studies

Hyper Scale: AV Refresh Project in Northern and Southern California

Customer: One Diversified
SOW: 2150 video conferencing rooms
Technologies: Lenovo Series One, Google Meet
Services: AV Decomission, Installation, and Commissioning, Logistics to the site, Warehousing.
Duration: 9 months
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles (Over 40 buildings)
Challenges: Pre-existing layout, multiple buildings, site access, large-scale logistics, site walks not allowed, site readiness.
Team: 1 Director of Operations, 1 Operations Assistant, 2 Foremen, 17 Field Techs

Hyper Scaler: AV Upgrade Project at San Francisco, CA

Customer: One Diversified
SOW: 155 video conferencing rooms
Technologies: Lenovo Series One, Google Meet
Services: AV installation and commissioning
Duration: 3 weeks
Location: SF, CA ( 3 buildings)
Challenges: covid -19 site regulations, pre-existing layout & multiple locations
Customer: One Diversified
Team: 1 Foreman/Field Engineer, 4 Field Techs

Insurance Company: AV New Build Project in Los Angeles, CA

Customer: Kinly
SOW: 20 Conference Rooms & 1 All Hands Area
Technologies: Crestron, Biamp, Polycom, BYOD, Zoom.
Services: AV Installation, Warehousing & Kitting, Permitting, and Commissioning.
Duration: 3 months warehousing, 20 days installation
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Challenges: Supply Chain Shortage, Multiple RMAs, Network, System Design.
Team: 1 Foreman and 2 Field Techs

Entertainment Company: AV Refresh project at Burbank, CA

Customer: Yorktel
SOW: 57 Conference Rooms and 13 Training Rooms
Technologies: Cisco Webex, Crestron, QSC, I-Auditor
Services: AV decommission, installation and commissioning, project coordination.
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Burbank, CA (6 buildings)
Challenges: Facilities, Pre-existing layouts, Multiple locations

Team: 1 Project Coordinator, 1 Foreman, 2 Lead Technicians, 4 Field Technicians

Pharma Company: AV New Build Project at Hayward, CA

Customer: KDI

SOW: 30 Conference Rooms, 1 Board Room, 1 Training Room

Technologies: Polycom, Crestron, Bose 90°/180° Speakers, BYOD

Services: AV decommissioning, installation, and commissioning, warehousing and kitting, project coordination.

Duration: 3 months

Location: Hayward, CA (2 buildings)

Challenges: Covid-19 site regulations, Supply Chain shortages, pre-existing layout

Team: 1 Field Engineer/Foreman and 4 Field Technicians