Hyper Scale: AV Refresh Project in Northern and Southern California

Customer: One Diversified
SOW: 2150 video conferencing rooms
Technologies: Lenovo Series One, Google Meet
Services: AV Decomission, Installation, and Commissioning, Logistics to the site, Warehousing.
Duration: 9 months
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles (Over 40 buildings)
Challenges: Pre-existing layout, multiple buildings, site access, large-scale logistics, site walks not allowed, site readiness.
Team: 1 Director of Operations, 1 Operations Assistant, 2 Foremen, 17 Field Techs

Our customer reached out to us for a long-term project. The end customer has over 15,000 conference rooms in the US. They had over 2000 rooms with old technology that required upgrades. This project took place during the night shift.

Each conference room that would get decommissioned would require to be operational by the time we left the site. The learning phase of the project consisted in the delivery of an average of 8 conference rooms per night. In the second month of installation, we were deploying over 15 conference rooms per night, maxing at 22 rooms, establishing a new record for our customer.

To maintain a standard of quality and delivery in so many rooms and buildings, we designed a customized process for this project.

As we continued growing our team to deploy such a large project, we started to support the customer with logistics to the site as well as warehousing for the Los Angeles phase.