Hosting Company: Datacenter Migration at Los Angeles, CA

Customer: Rahi Systems

SOW: 30 Rack Data Center Migration

Technologies: Server Racks, PDUs, Networking Switches

Services: Data Center Migration.

Duration: 8 Nights

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Challenges: Schedule, Site Access, Freight Elevators

Team: 1 Foreman and 7 Field Technicians

Our customer approached us with a requirement of migrating 30 fully stacked server racks from one building to another. Both buildings were in Downtown LA, 5 blocks away from each other. 


Time windows to crate and move the racks were very short since the hosting company could only have selected night windows to perform the migration activities. We could only migrate 4 racks per night. We split our team into groups of 2 and assigned daily tasks. The Customer’s Project Engineer requested daily issues reports and was on-call every night for any potential issues.


During the whole migration, no issues related to connectivity or logistics arose, and every site access-related issue was resolved on the spot. All servers were back online, and our customer appreciated our ability to deliver as well as our flexibility to accommodate and get the job done