Enhancing Collaboration: A Comprehensive AV Installation Project for Exertis Almo in San Francisco


Customer Information:


  • Customer Name: Exertis Almo
  • Industry: Law/Corporate
  • Date: February, 2024
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Project Size: 6 Rooms

Technology Used:


1. Cisco Room Bar and Touch Panel: Utilized for audio and video conferencing solutions in
conference rooms.
2. Cisco Quad Cam: High-definition camera for video conferencing setups, offering clear visuals.
3. Cisco Room EQ Codec: Codec system for optimizing audio quality in conference rooms.
4. Ceiling Speakers (70v): A distributed audio system for delivering sound throughout the rooms.
5. Crestron 10” Panel: Interface panel for controlling AV equipment and room settings.
6. Decora Bluetooth Wall Plate: Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming and control.
7. 12-Space Cabinet Credenza Rack: Housing AV equipment for centralized management.


Description of the Project:


The AV Installation Project involves the setup and integration of audiovisual equipment across
various meeting spaces within a corporate environment. The project timeline spans from early
January to late February, with meticulous planning and execution to ensure a seamless
transition for the client.


Pre-Visit 1 (Early January):


At the onset of the project, pre-installation activities commence, primarily focused on AV cabling
pulls and initial hardware installations. This phase includes the groundwork for subsequent
installation visits, laying the foundation for the comprehensive AV setup.


Install Visit (February Timeframe):


The main installation phase unfolds in February, targeting different rooms within the client’s


1. Huddle Rooms (x2):


– Mounting a 55” Display with a Cisco Room Bar for efficient video conferencing.
– Installation of HDMI and USB cables at the conference table for connectivity.
– Integration of a Cisco Touch Panel for streamlined room control.

– Assistance with system testing and cleanup post-installation.


2. Medium Conference Rooms (x2):


– Wall mounting two 65” Displays with a Cisco Quad Cam for enhanced video quality.
– Placement of TX and Cisco Room EQ codec behind the displays for optimized audio.
– Pulling and terminating Shielded Cat6A cables for reliable networking.
– Installation of Cisco table mics and Touch Panel, along with system testing and cleanup.


3. Large Conference Room:


– Mounting two 85” Displays and a Cisco Quad Cam for superior conference visuals.
– Integration of TX and Cisco Room EQ codec for advanced audio processing.
– Deployment of ceiling speakers and safety cables for an immersive sound experience.
– Complete setup of Touch Panel and assistance with testing and cleanup.


4. Break Room/Café:


– Wall mounting an 85” Display and Crestron 10” Panel for informational and control purposes.
– Installation of HDMI and Bluetooth wall plates for versatile connectivity.
– Deployment of ceiling speakers and a 12-space cabinet credenza rack for centralized
equipment management.
– Incorporation of cabinet fans for optimal equipment ventilation, ensuring longevity.


By meticulously following the outlined scope and leveraging advanced technologies, the project
delivered a tailored AV solution that met the client’s communication and collaboration needs


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