Discipline: AV / Networking / Data Center

You can drop-ship the gear to our strategically located warehouses (LAX & SJC). We consolidate, DOA test, kit, and once the site is ready for us, deploy it.

What we do?

We have a warehouse in San Jose and one in Los Angeles —over 4000 square feet of space with the ability to expand it even further. Our staff will receive, DOA test, inventory, and pre-kit for our Field Teams to go to the site. We have our own vans to perform the site deliveries.

Why hire We Install IT?

Because we understand what’s in each box and bag, we are not just moving SKUs. It is a better option than leaving equipment unattended at a job site.


Forecasting Project




Trash Management



We offer space and
logistics services.

Shipping and receiving equipment to a job site can be cumbersome, costly and a time suck. Warehousing, drop shipping, reworking and repackaging requires additional coordination that can be challenging. WeInstall.IT offers space and logistics services to provide that additional peace-of-mind for in- and-out-of-state customers.

Per Request

Intermediate Package


$599 /per month.

Premium Package


$799 /per month.

warehouse space available

Since the chipset shortage, we started to offer our customers to expand their Warehouses utilizing our space.

By having our Warehouses strategically located, you can send the equipment to our warehouse instead of sending it to the construction site.

We can hold on to the equipment until the installation date arrives, then we take it to the site for our team to install it.

San Jose

Los Angeles


Since before our installations we have the equipment on-site, we can start doing some of the preparation and configuration work in our facilities. This service will reduce the amount of time on-site significantly.

By having  the equipment stored we can start doing some of the preparation work in our facilities, so time on site is reduced significantly.

Our Customers