Defining SOW

We encourage our customers to perform pre-planning meetings with our teams to provide us with a plan.

Common Goal

We take ownership of this goal: ensure a professional and on-time delivery. Our team has been in large, medium and small roll outs. We understand your needs and will help you meet them.


Your customer is expecting detailed and recurring progress reports. We created reporting templates that will make your job easier.


Storing Equipment

We have warehousing facilities at your disposal to ship the equipment for your projects.


If you haven't been able to pre-kit the equipment, we can take over this task for you, and prepare kits per phases.


On-site Delivery

Once the jobsite is ready for our team to start installing, we will bring with us the equipment required. We want to provide you safety and tranquility that your equipment is not sitting on a job site unnattended.

Managed Services

Our customers are selling many maintenance contracts, and they encounter challenges when fast paced requests appear.


We can provide 4 hour SLAs in San Francisco Bay Area, and NBD in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Our goal is to deliver your project!