Insurance Company: AV New Build Project in Los Angeles, CA

Cliente: Kinly
SOW: 20 salas de conferencias y 1 área para todas las manos
Tecnologías: Crestron, Biamp, Polycom, BYOD, Zoom.
Servicios: instalación audiovisual, almacenamiento y equipamiento, permisos y puesta en marcha.
Duración: 3 meses de almacenamiento, 20 días de instalación
Ubicación: Los Ángeles, CA
Desafíos: Escasez de la cadena de suministro, múltiples RMA, red, diseño del sistema.
Equipo: 1 Capataz y 2 Técnicos de Campo

Our customer reached out to engage us on a project in Los Angeles for a highly recognized global insurance company. 


The majority of the equipment had very distant delivery dates. So the customer opted to drop-ship all equipment to our Los Angeles warehouse. While waiting for the site to be ready, we pre-built the racks and kitted all equipment per room. We shipped to the job site once substantial completion was accomplished and we were ready to deploy.  


Due to construction delays, we performed weekly site walks with GC and provided a progress report to our customer’s out-of-state project manager. We adjusted our schedule and executed the project on a phased basis (Cabling and Mounts before Substantial Completion, fragile equipment after).