HR and Financial Software: AV Refresh Project at Pleasanton, CA

Customer Information:


  • Customer Name: One Diversified
  • Industry: Audio Visual 
  • Date: July, 2022 
  • Location: Pleasanton, CA
  • Project Size: 174 Conference Rooms

Technology Used:


  • Neat
  • Zoom


Services Provided:


  • AV installation and commissioning
  • Decommissioning
  • Logistics


Description of the Job Performed:


  • Customer’s Challenge: Our customer, One Diversified, approached us with a significant project involving upgrading 174 conference rooms in Pleasanton, CA. The challenge was that the office remained operational with a high occupancy rate throughout the project. This required a quiet and professional approach, ensuring that every decommissioned room was swiftly restored to online status by the end of each day.
  • Supply Chain Management: Due to supply chain delays, we initiated the project’s first phase with equipment sufficient for 80 conference rooms. We strategically stored all the necessary equipment in our San Jose warehouse and daily transported the room kits to the site. Once phase one was successfully completed, we began receiving equipment for phase two.
  • Client Satisfaction: The project’s success was a collaborative effort, with installation, delivery, and commissioning closely supervised by the customer’s leads. Despite foreseeable challenges, we adhered to the project schedule and budget, meeting our commitments.
  • Feedback: Our customer expressed their satisfaction by stating, “You guys are as good as it gets.” 


This case study illustrates our ability to navigate complex projects while delivering exceptional results, even in demanding environments where minimizing disruption is paramount.

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