HR and Financial Software: AV Refresh Project at Pleasanton, CA

Customer: One Diversified
SOW: 174 Conference Rooms
Technologies: Neat, Zoom
Services: AV installation and commissioning, decommissioning, logistics.
Duration: 2 months
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Challenges: Supply chain, pre-existing layouts & office was online
Team: 1 foreman and 5 Field Technicians

Our customer reached out to us to support them in a 174 Conference Room upgrade. The office was online and with a high occupation rate, so were required to perform activities quietly & professionally. By the end of each day, every room that was decommissioned needed to be back online. 

The project was presenting Supply Chain delays, so phase 1 kicked off with enough equipment for 80 conference rooms. We stored all the equipment in our San Jose warehouse, picked it up each day’s room kits, and delivered it to the site. Once the first phase was completed, we started receiving equipment for phase 2.

After the project was successfully delivered, the PM said to us: “You guys are as good as it gets”.

Installation, delivery, and commissioning were fully supervised by the customer’s leads. We deployed the project with some foreseeable challenges on schedule and on budget.

Our customer let us know that with this project we had set a new record for speed and quality of delivery.