Pharma Company: AV New Build Project at Hayward, CA

Customer: KDI
SOW: 30 Conference Rooms, 1 Board Room, 1 Training Room
Technologies: Polycom, Crestron, Bose 90°/180° Speakers, BYOD
Services: AV decommissioning, installation, and commissioning, warehousing and kitting, project coordination.
Duration: 3 months
Location: Hayward, CA (2 buildings)
Challenges: Covid-19 site regulations, Supply Chain shortages, pre-existing layout
Team: 1 Field Engineer/Foreman and 4 Field Technicians

Our customer reached out to us for a 30 conference room project in 2 buildings in the Bay Area. We needed to decommission old equipment and upgrade the systems to BYOD Poly Systems, with Crestron Schedulers.

Our customer decided to drop-ship equipment to our warehouse in San Jose. Supply Chain shortages were pushing the project dates. As soon as we started receiving equipment, we started working with the existing inventory to start presenting some progress on-site due to the end customer’s request.

We adjusted the schedule to a phased basis (Cabling and Mounts, rest of the equipment as soon as it was received). The project schedule suffered several delays, and the budget was impacted as well due to this change. Racks had to be built and commissioned on-site as well, instead of being pre-installed in our warehouse.

The delivery was bitter for every party, but yet a successful project that lead to many others, since our communication has always been transparent and straightforward. Our customer has been extremely helpful and understanding towards Change Orders.