Entertainment Company: AV Refresh project at Burbank, CA

Customer: Yorktel
SOW: 57 Conference Rooms and 13 Training Rooms
Technologies: Cisco Webex, Crestron, QSC, I-Auditor
Services: AV decommission, installation and commissioning, project coordination.
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Burbank, CA (6 buildings)
Challenges: Facilities, Pre-existing layouts, Multiple locations
Team: 1 Project Coordinator, 1 Foreman, 2 Lead Technicians, 4 Field Technicians

Our East Coast customer reached out with an upgrade project that involved multiple locations across Southern California. After reviewing together the SOW, we confirmed a schedule for 6 weeks of delivery.

The end customer had an online office, with a high occupation rate. This made facilities, GC coordination, room blocking and noisy activities complicate our daily and weekly goals. In order to compensate for these initial delays, we incorporated a Project Coordinator on our end to support the out-of-state customer’s Project Manager.

We waited for the hardware onsite to properly vet the delivery. We kitted on-site and initiated the decommissioning and installation phase. The System was technically complex, and a lot of work needed to be performed in-ceiling (Microphones, Speakers, Cameras, controllers).

Commissioning included Crestron code uploading, DSP configuration, and iAuditor reporting.
Although the project had a challenging kick-off, we managed to accomplish the scope of work 3 days ahead of time.