About Us

Mission & Vision

At We Install IT, we work constantly to be the strategic partners of choice at delivering high-quality technology integration services. We have the passion and know-how and we excel in the field by teaming up with our customers for that shared goal. Our long-term goal is to bring back that Boutique Service experience to the Large Scale integrators world.

Our Core Values


We believe in transparency, honesty, humility, and effort. We try our best, always. And we will always be happy if you do as well.


We own our successes as much as we own our failures. We own our commitments and we honor them, no matter how much effort it takes.

Continuous Learning

We are stubborn when it comes to goals, but we are nimble when we make mistakes, and convert them into positive learning opportunities.

Our Approach

Our people are our most important asset. We believe that our Team Obsession is the best road to Customer Obsession. Our focus on the humane factor has made us successful in the industry, having over 86% of customers returning for more support. 

We are very involved in the Industry, and we know that the lack of Talent in the industry and the lack of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) are two co-related issues. Our approach to helping solve this is to attract Latin American talent to change from other trades into the AV and IT space. This has been one of our keys to success.  

We are constantly looking to grow our customer’s relationships by digging deeper into their needs and our abilities. In 2021, we started a Remote Staff Augmentation practice, providing our customers with access to remote Pre-Sales Engineers, Project Managers, and CAD/Revit drawers from Latin America.

The company has been custom-built to support the largest and most reputable Systems Integrators in the US, currently recurring customers. What makes us a good subcontractor is our leadership, know-how, processes, formality, and mindset for growth.

Our Team

Alberto Schilling

Co-Founder and CEO

Luis Schilling

Co-Founder and VP of sales

Facundo Elicagaray

Sr. Administrative & Finance Specialist

Cynthia Quiroga

Project Coordinator

Bautista Pozzi

Account Manager

Luis Villedo

Account Manager and Program Specialist

María Agustina Vega

Marketing Lead

Daen Gutierrez

Technical Project Manager

Our Founders

Alberto Schilling

Co-Founder and CEO

Alberto is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been in the AV Industry since 2015, initiating his career as Operations Manager at a System Integrator, managing multiple countries in Latin America, an extremely challenging region. He moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2019, to become the US Operations Manager. In June 2020, decided to build his own SubContractor, as an opportunity to support other SIs that was struggling with the low amount of activity. Alberto has accomplished building the company from 0 to over 20 employees in 2022. He continues to provide great leadership. 


  • CTS 

Luis Schilling

Co-Founder and EVP of Sales

Luis is also from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been in IT and AV for 15 years, started his career as an Apple computer technician, and in 2014 co-founded his own System Integrator that expanded to 6 countries. In June 2020 along with Alberto, they decided to start We Install IT, addressing new pains that the pandemic had created. He has also helped develop a System Integrator in 5 countries in Latin America. He is a strong entrepreneur and actively participates in industry programs such as NSCA DEI Initiative. He is a person with many hobbies, most of them inspired by his brother Alberto. 


  • Babson College, Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations, Certificate (2019)
  • Stanford GSB, Scaling up your business, Slei-Ed Certificate (2019)

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