21 Retails Stores along the country

Customer Information:


  • Customer Name: EOS IT Solutions Inc.
  • Industry: Retail (Fresh Stores)
  • Date: September, 2022
  • Location: Los Angeles (11 stores), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), New Jersey (NJ), Illinois (IL), New York (NY), Maryland (MD), Pennsylvania (PA) (10 out-of-state stores)
  • Project Size: Integration of Technology in 21 Fresh Stores

Technology Used:

Category Flags:

  • Lenovo Inview 156
  • Skybin


  • Lenovo
  • Incap480

Dairy Section:

  • 65″ Samsung QM65B

Meat & Seafood Section:

  • Samsung QM50B


  • Samsung QH55B


Description of the Project:


Project Overview: EOS ITS undertook a comprehensive technology integration project involving 11 Amazon Fresh stores in Los Angeles and 10 additional stores located across Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The goal was to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations through the installation of cutting-edge technology in various sections of the stores.


Category Flags Installation: The technology integration included the installation of Category Flags featuring Lenovo Inview 156 and Skybin systems. These components were strategically placed to optimize the shopping experience, providing customers with relevant information and facilitating efficient navigation throughout the stores.


Sky Bin Headers: Headers with Lenovo and Incap480 technology were integrated into the store layout, contributing to a seamless and immersive shopping environment. These headers served not only as informational displays but also as a visually appealing element, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the Amazon Fresh stores.


Dairy Section: The Dairy section saw a technological upgrade with the installation of 65″ Samsung QM65B displays. These displays not only presented product information but also created an engaging and informative atmosphere, contributing to an enhanced shopping experience for customers in the dairy aisle.


Revolutionizing Meat & Seafood Section: In the Meat & Seafood section, Samsung QM50B displays were implemented to showcase product details and promotions. This integration aimed to provide customers with a visually appealing presentation of the available meat and seafood options while facilitating informed purchasing decisions.


Interactive Kiosk Implementation: To further elevate customer engagement, interactive kiosks featuring Samsung QH55B displays were strategically placed within the stores. These kiosks allowed customers to access information, promotions, and other relevant content, fostering an interactive and customer-centric shopping experience.



Conclusion: The successful completion of the technology integration project across 21 Amazon Fresh stores reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in the retail sector. By leveraging advanced technology components, we not only met the specific needs of each store section but also contributed to an overall improved shopping environment for customers. This project exemplifies our capability to execute large-scale technology implementations with precision and effectiveness, ensuring a positive impact on both customer experience and operational efficiency.

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